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  • Coralyn Bradshaw: Yemen - Basic English Education in the Third Millennium
  • Lyubov Dombeva: Studying English the Bulgarian Way
  • Jayne Moon: Learning English in Vietnam: Children’s Views on Learning English at School
  • Mary Carney: Motivating Hong Kong Chinese Boys to Write
  • Teresa Fleta: Teaching and Learning through Music, Movement and Art
  • Trevor Doble: Classroom Assistants Project: A Spanish Success Story
  • Maria José Brioso Valcárcel: Families’ Views about Spanish / English Bilingual Programme for Very Young Learners
  • Liu Ting: Differences in Teaching and Learning: Observations on Language Classes in Britain and China. A comparison of language learners in China and Britain. Liu Ting offers first hand observations of learners from both countries and gives insight into how cultural differences have an effect on teaching and learning
  • David Vale: Mission Impossible or Model for the Future? A teacher training programme as a low cost model for the 21st century.
  • Varia Bokuchava: Looking at a Learner: Russian Teenager
  • Cristina Bento and Raquel Coelho: YLSIGs Around The World: Portugal
  • Jackie Holderness - Book Review: '500 Activities for the Primary Classroom' (Macmillan) by Carol Read.
  • Jennifer Uhler: Web Watcher