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Cardiff 09

IATEFL Annual Conference

IATEFL holds its International Annual Conference & Exhibition every spring. It is attended by around 1500 ELT professionals from 70+ countries. It involves a 4-day programme of over 300 talks and workshops and, in addition to giving delegates a chance to meet leading theorists and writers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of ELT, it enables them to see the latest ELT publications and services in a large resources exhibition involving around 60 ELT-related exhibitors.

The 09 IATEFL Conference took place in Cardiff, UK, in April 2009. For further details please see the IATEFL Annual Conference webpage or click the banner:

Cardiff Online

Follow some live sessions/Twitter/blogs/download ppt at


YL SIG PCE (pre-conference event) 31st March, 2009

Proof of the pudding: a celebration of theory applied in practice

Bruner, Piaget, Donaldson, Vygostsky and Gardner  have all influenced YL teachers. Approaches like cooperative language learning, content-based instruction and competency-based language learning have been informed by such and other theories. Second language acquisition theory has pointed at the importance of motivation in language learning, developed the pleasure reading hypothesis, the theory of formulaic sequences and intercultural communicative competence .  

This year as a celebration of good practice, we look at how these theories and approaches are being implemented by today’s teachers and what their practical value is. This PCE will include elements of excellent practice both in YL teaching and YL training looking at how these theories are being applied in today’s primary and teenage classrooms across the world.  

Join us for this exciting day! If you teach YLs , this PCE is for you!


Sarah Philips  (Spain)  - Their theory,  My practice

Jo Bertrand and Nicky Francis (France)  The Story Seeds: Discovering English through Storybooks

Vanessa and Fátima Tenório (Brazil) – The theories behind a CLIL experience in an EFL context

Livia  Faragó (Hungary) – 21st century skills and the primary ELT Classroom

Shelley Vernon (France) – Teaching Preschool Children EFL Through Games, Songs and Drama

Karmen Pizorn(Slovenia)–National Assessment has an Added Value to Learning Foreign Languages

Adrian Tennant (UK) – Reasons (not) to be cheerful (Assessment)