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Conference Summaries & Videos

Teaching English conference reports

Watch a photo story giving a flavour of Young Learner participation at IATEFL Annual Conference, Exeter 2008. Thank you to Hans Mol for creating this:

The following general reports on IATEFL annual conferences are publicly available from The British Council:

IATEFL 2008 Annual Conference, Exeter

IATEFL 2006 Annual Conference, Harrogate

IATEFL 2005 Annual Conference, Cardiff

Young Learner conference reports

In addition our very own Wendy Arnold has summarised many Young-Learner-related talks below. These are for the benefit of (and restricted to) members of Young Learners Special Interest Group

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IATEFL Annual Conference 2006

IATEFL Annual Conference 2006 Pre-Conference Event: Content and Language Integrated Learning.

Video recordings:

  • Teresa Reilly (Spain) - The opposite end of the CLIL continuum:Achievements & Challenges in a Ministry of Education Bilingual Project in Spain

  • Katrin Harder (Germany) & Verna Brandford (UK) - The Storyline Approach - opportunities for content oriented learning in the language classroom

  • Keith Kelly (UK) - Investigating the language demands of English-medium secondary Science

  • John Clegg (UK) - Education in English as a second language: a world of practices. Recorded by Hans Mol April 2006

IATEFL Annual Conference 2005