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Fielded discussions : (in alphabetical order)

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Janice Bland
Children's literature 
 1-5 June 2009
 Alexander Sokol  Teaching thinking: are teachers responsible as well?  1-5 March 2010
 Marie Delanie  Teaching the unteachable  April 2010
 Peter Medgyes  Native or non-native language teacher?  Nov 2010
 Wendy Arnold  CLiling or killing a subject?  February 2011
 Marie Delanie  Dealing with conflict in the classroom - how can teacher language and attitude defuse conflict and challenging behaviour?  
Lynne Cameron
Creativity in the Classroom
 14-21 Oct 2005
Helen Emery
 Problems and practices of teaching reading to primary school children
 June 22-27 2009
Marie Delaney  Teaching the Unteachable  26  - 30 April 2010
 Simon Greenall
 Publishing in ELT
 12 -16 Oct 2009
 Lisa Harshbarger
Gerdo Santha

TEFL for teaching tolerance
 June 22-27 2009
Annie Hughes
 Real Books seminar in York
 4 April 2006
Susan Hillyard
Teaching thinking skills  in school
Susan Holden
Evaluating, supplementing and devising materials for teaching and learning
Irina Köstenbauer
 CLIL in a natural language environment
 13-17 Feb 2006
Keith Kelly
Jean Brewster
John Clegg

CLIL Content and language integrated learning
CLIL revisited

Caroline Linse
Relationship between schools and YL families
 21-28 Sept 2007
 Gordon Lewis
Teaching teenagers
 Alan Maley
What price literacy ?
20-27 Oct. 2006
 Jayne Moon
Children's L2 writing development: a neglected skill ?
 9-16 Feb 2007
 Dennis Newson
Down with grammar!
 12-19 May 2006
 Susan Norman
What exactly is Accelerated learning ?
 4-11 March 2005
 Shelagh Rixon
 20-27 Jan 2006
 Graham Stanley
Young Learners as digital natives
 17-22 March 2008
 Simon Smith
Young learner teacher development
 14-18 Jan  2008
 Adrian Tennant  Assessment
 20-25 July 2009
 Brian Tomlinson
Materials development
 11-18 Feb 2005
 Andrew Wright
Stories in language teaching
 19-26 Jan 2007
 Andrew Wright
 2-6 November 2009
 David Wilson
Special Education needs in the L2 classroom
 4-11 Nov 2005
 Leonora Frohlich-Ward
Young children and EFL
 30 June - 5 July 2008
 Prof Gordon Wells
The relationship among action talk and texts in learning and teaching
 24- Feb - 3 March 2008
 Chen Zehang
Wang Qiang
Ma Xin

TEFL in China
 17-21 Nov 2008

Special thanks to Wendy Arnold who was able to supply us with copies of many flyers after the originals had mysteriously disappeared from this site.

Dennis and Helen

Elluminate/Adobe discussions

(Synchronous online discussions)


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Carla Arena

Cyber surfing with Digital youth  

The resources

The recording


10 May 2009
Michael Coghlan
 Using the Elluminate Platform
29 January 2009
Barbara Dieu
Social Media for Young learners
  2 March 2009
 Moira Hunter  Who Teaches who?  25 July 2009
Rita Zeinstejer Web 2.0 Honing social skills   9 February 2009
 Rita Zeinsteier  Microblogging for Language Learning: a Review of Options & their Potential  10 August 2010
 Vance Stevens  Shifting sands, shifting paradigms: challenges to developing 21st. century learning skills  recording  Sept 2010
 Nik Peachey  recording Technology with Young Learners  April 2010
Nik Peachey &d Susan Hillyard  recording Creativity in Language  Learning & Teaching  June 2010    
 Keith Kelly  recording Language & Tasks  May 2011    

|||||  SPECIAL NOTICE |||||

All of the sound recordings are in the archives on the platform Elluminate. The link will lead you to the platform and you will then need to allow the site to download Java and an Elluminate file. Please don't be worried, and be patient.

Here is a link to a screencast taking you through the process of accessing the Webheads Virtual Office in Learning times on Elluminate where most of the online presentations are archived.

Screencast - How to get to Webheads Virtual Office

And be patient again for the time it takes for Elluminate to recover the sound file. Sound files are great, but they are large.

Discussion summaries, archives

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Additional past presentations and discussions


For a time there were technical difficulties with the yltsig site and a Wordpress blog was used to give details of forthcoming discussions.

These included:

Harry Kuchah - Teaching Large Classes in Cameroon.

Susan Hillyard (Argentina)  -  Creativity, drama and young learners with special needs.

In conversation with Sylvia Velikova and Iskra Angelova (Bulgaria), officials of the Bulgarian English Teacher Association

Ass. Prof. Kalyan Chattopadhyay (India)-  Teaching English in India

Keith Kelly (Bulgaria)   CLIL

Full details, including links to recordings, can be found here:


Full details and links to recordings of the 5-week, online TESOL 2012   EVO presentations: The Best of YLTSIG are to be found here:

The Best of YLTSIG EVO 2012