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Conference reports and videos are available (mainly to members) here

IATEFL YLT Sig and Pronunciation Sig joint event


The University of Kent campus, Kent. Sunday 8th August, 2010


Theme: Get them speaking properly! And young!


Teachers of young learners, working with children aged 3 to 12, often have concerns about their learners' pronunciation.  Many believe that children are more likely to develop native like pronunciation if they begin English while they are 12 or under.


The IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers SIG together with the Pronunciation SIG will bring you a day of presentations together with workshops to help you deliver state of the art pronunciation instruction for learners ages 3-12. Through the use of storytelling, drama, phonemic awareness, reading strategies amongst others, experts in their field will help you improve the pronunciation instruction that you deliver.  You will have the opportunity to take part in activities which practice pronunciation in a way that will be appealing to young learners. 




Robin Walker on Pronunciation Matters and Telling Tales * Paul Seligson on Pronunciation Activities with Young Learners * Wendy Arnold on Early Literacy : Beginning Sounds * Caroline Linse on Real Pronunciation for Young Learners * Charles Goodger on the Power of Action Songs * Kerry Powell on Why songs? * Harry Kuchah on Oral story telling as a way to improve pronunciation * Susan Hillyard on Drama and Pronunciation * Helen Emery as Plenary summing up.





The 9th Annual Conference: 16 - 21 August, 2010.



Achieving Quality ELT in Difficult Circumstances: Experiences and Successes of Teachers in Practice.


Venue: Catholic University of Central Africa, Yaounde


Guest Plenary Speakers:


Shelagh Rixon (University of Warwick)

Wendy Arnold (IATEFL YLT SIG*)

Helen Emery (University of Essex)


Cameroonian teachers work in very difficult circumstances some of which are inconceivable to teachers in other parts of the world. With classes of more than 150 pupils from a multiplicity of first language backgrounds, with the near absence of prescribed course books and pupils learning in very high temperatures; with only blackboard and chalk in a world where technological advancements are influencing classroom cultures, Cameroonian teachers are still able to continue to achieve through creative ways that respond to the realities of their working context.

CAMELTA is soliciting proposals from ELT professionals around the world. The conference is intended to be very low-tech, so presenters will be required to use only board and chalk.




The British Council and Macmillan supported by IATEFL YLT SIG

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and UNRWA


Palestinian Schools’ Conference

Learner Centred, Learning Centred


Palestine Red Crescent Society

24 – 25 April, 2010



In many societies, the teacher is seen as an instructor, a provider of knowledge, but increasingly the teacher is seen as a facilitator. In this conference we will look at how we focus on the learner and learning in our classrooms. What are the benefits of this approach to the learner and the teacher? What techniques can the teacher use to increase the focus on the learners? And is this practical in large classes?


The conference will be held on Saturday 24 April and Sunday 25 April at the Palestine Red Crescent Society. Our keynote speakers and workshop presenters will focus on practical suggestions for implementing a learner-focussed approach in the classroom.


The conference will be conducted in the form of keynote presentations and concurrent workshops with a focus on practical tasks, and with reference to English for Palestine, that can be easily used in your own classroom.


Extracts from event can be seen at: to follow shortly

British Council

supported by IATEFL YLT Sig

regional Middle East Series

20th March – 3rd April, 2010


The series of one-day events, held at various venues, will give Government teachers from primary, preparatory and secondary schools new techniques to deal effectively with mixed ability classes and to adapt classroom materials to better meet the needs of all students. 


This is the first regional mini-conference circuit organised under the British Council’s English for the Future programme and it will tour Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE between 20 March – 3 April.


The circuit is supported by the International Association for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group and is the first time that they have worked in the Middle East. All presenters are IATEFL affiliated and include UK education experts such as Wendy Arnold, Noreen Caplen-Spence, Coralyn Bradshaw and Martin Goosey. They are all specialists in the teaching of young learners and have previous experience of working in the Middle East.


Sponsors for the Regional Mini-Conference Circuit are Garnet Education (platinum sponsor), Heinle Cengage Ltd (gold sponsor), MacMillan Education, Oxford University Press and Pearson Longman (silver sponsors).

Saturday 20th   March


Sunday 21st    March


Tuesday 23rd   March


Wednesday 24th March      


Friday 26th  March          


Saturday 27th  March

Bahrain *

Sunday 28th    March


Monday 29th    March


Tuesday 30th   March

UAE  - Dubai

Wednesday 31st March

UAE -Fujairah

Thursday 1st April


Saturday 3rd   April

















 *is a demonstration lesson which develops the themes of the previous day


Powerpoints from events can be accessed from British Council website and search on name of country.

IATEFL YLT SIG pre-conference event PCE
Harrogate, UK, 7 April 2010

Challenging changes or changing challenges? A YLT reality check.
Teaching young learners (aged 3 – 17) means dealing with the challenges of a changing world in which we learn. How are the learners, the teachers, the trainers and the materials writers dealing with these changes? And how successful are they?
The day will be filled with talks and workshops from the following experts in their fields:

  • Brian Tomlinson  - materials writer, Leeds university
  • Jamie Keddie – freelance teacher & teacher trainer
  • Ken Wilson – Drama trainer & author of ELT materials
  • Nik Peachey  - specialist in web based technologies for language learning
  • Paul Braddock - senior teacher at the British Council Young Learners Centre , Barcelona,
  • Prof Emeritus Richard Johnstone  researcher into ELL
  • Rama Mathew Professor of Education in Delhi University

By the end of the day, you will be clearer about how the YLT community is addressing these issues.
YLT SIG    Bringing you a relevant PCE!
Download a flyer here

IATEFL Annual Conference

IATEFL holds its International Annual Conference & Exhibition every spring. It is attended by around 1500 ELT professionals from 70+ countries. It involves a 4-day programme of over 300 talks and workshops and, in addition to giving delegates a chance to meet leading theorists and writers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of ELT, it enables them to see the latest ELT publications and services in a large resources exhibition involving around 60 ELT-related exhibitors.

The next IATEFL Conference takes place in Harrogate, UK, in April 2010. For further details please see the IATEFL Annual Conference webpage

Hildesheim University, Germany supported by IATEFL YLT Sig

25-27th February, 2010

Children’s Literature in Language Education -

from Picture Books to Young Adult Fiction

call for papers : www.childrenslit.de/

Plenary speakers

Stephen Krashen (Professor Emeritus University of Southern California)

Prof. Dr. Eva Burwitz-Melzer (University of Giessen)

Dr. Alan Maley and Andrew WrightThe Power of Story and Poetry


24 -  26th October, 2009

15th annual NAFLE (National Association of Foreign Language Education) supported by the British Council and IATEFL YLT SIG

Registration at venue. Website for full details:


Registration: RMB  300 payable cash at venue

Special hotel rate: RMB 450 (standard double with breakfast) bookable through NAFLE

A conference for all English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals. Calls for papers: contact Wendy Arnold arnoldworld@gmail.com

Teaching English in a Chinese context

Symposiums, panels and presentations will take place over Day 1 and Day 2.


The conference audience will consist of three main groups: IATEFL members (local and international), Chinese & other state school teachers, British Council and YLT SIG specialists.


Papers are particularly welcome which develop links between the following strands:


1.  Second and foreign language acquisition and pedagogy

2.  Classroom teaching, management and observation

3.  Learning strategies and Learner Autonomy

4.  Teaching materials and new media

5.  Professional Development for ELT teachers and teachers’ training

6.  Testing, Evaluation and Assessment


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