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  • Childspeak! ( or Infant Multilingual Acquisition)
    From Switzerland, Bettina Ribes-Gil describes the initial process of language learning for a multilingual child.
  • Young Learners and Bilingual Education: Some lessons from Brunei Darussalam
    In Brunei, Dr Gary M. Jones discusses the development of bilingual education with reference to Jim Cummins’ BICS/ CALP theory, then suggests a way forward.
  • Bilingual Education: a view from The Netherlands
    Stephen Smith, a trainer, Lisette Bentzelven a teacher, and two teenage pupils give the ups (mostly) and downs (a few) on bilingual education.
  • In Praise of Bilingual Education - a note from India
    From India, Arvind Gupta presents his perspective as a writer and teacher of bilingual pupils.
  • Teaching Science through English, learning English through Science
    In Spain, Sarah Phillips offers ideas for teaching science experiments to bilingual learners.
  • A Major Strategy for Teaching Grammar to Teenagers
    Mario Rinvolucri puts forward ‘grammar’ lesson plans to motivate teenagers
  • Presenting Work that Moves
    Liz Jones
    gives ideas for using ICT with bilingual pupils.
  • Highlights from the YL Internet Discussion List
    October 2003 - January 2004 by Wendy Arnold
  • News from the Net
    Chris Etchells
  • Assessing Young Learners: Sophie Ionnou-Georgiou & Pavlos Pavlou Oxford 2003
    Reviewed by Annabelle O’Toole