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  • The EYL Teacher's Role in Helping Children
    Jayne Moon provides a fascinating account of the different ways in which two teachers support their children learning to learn in two contrasting contexts.
  • Teaching Vocabulary Through Rhythmic Refrains
    Havovi Koisawalia provides evidence of the learning power of rhythmic refrains in the context of story telling.
  • Using Digital Photography with Young Learners
    Chris Etchells opens our eyes to a range of motivating contexts for using digital photography with our students.
  • Encouraging Teenagers to Speak English
    Olha Madylus identifies seven reasons for the reluctance of teenagers to speak English in the context of typical lessons and a range of ideas for winning them over.
  • Preparing Teenagers for the FCE
    Bernie Maguire provides us with strategies for helping young teenage students in the context of getting through the Cambridge ESOL First Certificate 'Use of English' paper.
  • I Like Bananas
    Tim Priesack explores the implications of lowering the age of starting to learn English at primary school in the context of many countries' recent decisions to do this.
  • Highlights from the YL Discussion List
    Wendy Arnold reports on past and forthcoming fielded discussions on the YL list
  • Bilingual Education
    Stephen Krashen gives us a richly contextualised summary of the YL SIG e-discussion on bilingual education which took place in October 2004.
  • Assessing Young Learners in Serbia
    Chong Nim Lee describes a young Korean child's ESL learning experience in a British context. Marina Velkovski & Olja Milosevic explore the role of assessment tools in the context of primary schools in Serbia.
  • Book Reviews
    Eleanor Watts reviews Global Issues (Sampredo and Hillyard) and Niki Joseph reviews Puzzle Time for Starters and Puzzle Time for Movers (Marks).