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2014 Events

Early Years Conference: Language Learning 2-6 - International Perspectives on Early Years Plurilingualism.

The teaching of additional languages, usually English, begins at ever-earlier ages, not only at the start of compulsory education, but often in pre-primary. There is, however, remarkably little research and published experience in this area.  With this in mind, the IATEFL Young Learner and Teenager SIG (YLT SIG) and the Cyprus Teachers of English Association (CyTEA) are coming together to organize a
conference which explores  the perspectives and experiences of teaching languages to very young learners of  2 to 6 years of age around the world. 

The conference looks at the learning of any additional languages and is not limited to the learning of English as a foreign or second language.  

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

  • Caroline Linse, Queens University Belfast
  • Sandie Mourao, YLT SIG
  • Carol Read,  Macmillan Education
  • Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh
  • Alec Williams, storyteller

We invite proposals on the following themes:

  • Policy making for early years language learning
  • Research into early years language learning
  • Teacher education for early years language learning
  • Transition between pre-primary and primary education
  • The early years language-learning classroom around the world
  • Materials for early years language learning
  • Implications on own language / L1 / mother tongue development
  • Literacy and early years language learning
  • Parental involvement in early years language learning

Other themes relevant to early language learning can also be considered.

The conference aims to offer both academic papers as well as insights from practitioners and practical
workshops.  Proposals are accepted in the following presentation formats:

  • Paper:  (30 minutes) This presentation format includes talks which discuss and describe work related to theory, research or practice  (20 min presentation with 10 min for discussion).
  • Workshop: (I hour ) This presentation format is aimed to give presenters a chance to share ideas, thoughts, techniques and/or materials in an interactive way.
  • Poster: This presentation format can be used to visually display a research project, a recommended technique or other innovative ideas and suggestions.

Working language: The conference working language will be English. No translation will be provided.

Proposal submissions
Please submit your proposal to languagelearning2to6@gmail.com.

Your proposal should include:
o a 200-word abstract
o First name,  last names and affiliation
o A short bio 
o Contact details (email, telephone and postal address)

Extended deadline for receipt of proposals: February 8, 2014.


We welcome you for a very special series of online conversations on Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagersfrom January 13th to February 16th in the TESOL Electronic Village Online. Our guest presenters include Charles Goodger, Susan Hillyard, Luke Prodromou, Russell Stannard, Alexander Sokol, Stephen Krashen, Barbara Sakamoto, Nik Peachey, Vance Stevens, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, and Graham Stanley. More details are available here: http://tinyurl.com/yltsigevo14.

2014 YLTSIG PCE, Harrogate, UK

We will be holding our Harrogate PCE on Multilingual, Multicultural and Multilevel Classrooms. Our speakers include Maria Eisenmannis, Susan Hillyard, Catherine Wallace, Hanna Kryszewska, and Caroline Drummond.  Detailed programme is available here: http://tinyurl.com/yltsigpce14


2014 YLT SIG Day, Harrogate, UK

The programme for the YLT SIG Day at Harrogate will present, under the title Roads less travelled. With the introduction of the SEN network to YLT SIG, and the interest there is among teachers for topics that are perhaps not always in the limelight but still at the forefront of our daily practice, it will look at a number of special angles on EFL:

  • Nicky Francis, Taking storybook lessons further through art, drama, sport and yoga
  • Luciana Fiuza, Thoughts on inclusive education: and that includes you!
  • Matthew Stubb, Teaching young learners: re-thinking curricula for the 21st Century.
  • Svetlana Hanusova, Dyslexia for Teachers and Trainers
  • SandieMourao,Learner autonomy through free play in pre-primary English
  • Dave Tucker, How does grammar fit into a primary-sized head?
  • Phil Dexter, Special Educational Needs innovative training opportunities - expanding ELT boundaries
  • and the YLT SIG Open forum, New directions