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International Association of Teachers
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Joint coordinator

Hans Mol

Managing YLT SIG affairs, including finance and membership. Attendance at official IATEFL meetings/ other meetings. Liaison with Head Office and other IATEFL SIGs. Organising events and developing strategic relationships in the world of EFL.


I divide my time between subtropical Northern New South Wales, Australia, and Portugal (Lisbon and the Ser de Estrella). I have three daughters and an extended family to boot. Iíve taught EFL at levels from primary to secondary (junior and senior), adult, vocational and higher education. I've delivered teacher training in China, Mexico, the UK, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Germany. For the past 9 years I've been a full-time textbook writer, working, most recently, for Macmillan (UK and Mexico), Garnet Education, Rokus-Klett and OUP. See my website for more information. My main interests in EFL are young learners, primary and secondary, and how to make grammar fun and relevant for any learner, but I basically enjoy writing for any level and any skill. When I do not write, I paint, write / record  / sing and ride my horse through the hills. 


C&TS editor

Niki Joseph

Editing C&TS


I live and work in Portugal running my own language school, being a teacher, trainer and a Cambridge ESOL examiner/team leader/presenter. My days are varied  - teaching English to primaries, teens and company classes. I also teach music through English to preschoolers. Over the past 17 years I've taught and trained in various countries - Egypt, Brazil, UK, S Africa & Portugal. I'm interested in lots of areas of EFL - online education, motivation in teenagers, preschool music being taught through EFL, and of course (being an examiner) assessment, evaluation & testing. I also do translations - enjoying the tranquility compared to the primary classroom!!   Pastimes include watercolour painting, tennis , music and reading.

CATS Editor > Website Manager

ffinlo Kilner

Managing and maintaining the YLT SIG website



ffinlo (note lower case f!) has worked in the ELT industry since 1986 as a teacher, social director and director of studies for a broad range of organisations including International House and Regent Schools. He holds an RSA Diploma TEFLA as well as a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training. As well as working in EFL ffinlo has also been working on multimedia projects with Primary School groups in the UK. ffinlo is also a Graphic Designer and Photographer and has worked on branding and web projects for companies within the ELT industry and further afield. He lives in Cornwall by the beach and is Academic & Marketing Manager for SUL Language Schools, a specialist provider of Junior courses in the South West of the UK.




Events Advisor (ex-officio)

Wendy Arnold

Organising international events and developing strategic relationships in the world of EFL.


I have worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, researcher, conference developer and materials developer. I am the author and co-author of coursebooks in Asia and the Middle East. I have trained teachers in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea), Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Europe (Italy and the UK) and Africa (Cameroon). My special interests are in the professional development of teachers teaching English to children aged 5-17 years old and reading for young learner literacy. I am enjoying having a base back in the UK being close to our three daughters and family.

Events Coordinator

Janice Bland

Organises the annual Pre-Conference Event

Janice initially gathered extensive experience in teaching English at all levels from primary school to adult education. She was a member of the English Department, Hildesheim University from 2007-2012. After completing her PhD in 2012 (Friedrich-Schiller-Universitšt Jena), Janice joined the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Paderborn. Her interests are Childrenís Literature in Language Education, TEFL, Drama and Creative Writing. Janice has published widely, including an edited volume and monograph with Bloomsbury Academic, textbooks for international publishers, and four collections of plays for schools, with Players Press. Janice co-edits the new international peer-reviewed and open-access CLELEjournal: Children's Literature in English Language Education: www.clelejournal.org/ 

Advertising & Sponsorship Officer